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JJ Spurling
JJ Spurling
Sunday, September 5, 2021

Springboarding From Proverbs 

Where or who would you go to if you wanted to get help for a problem?   

__ A musician (hint: Donda)

__ A college professor 

__ A talk show host 

__ A book titled “Advice for Dummies”  

__ A pro Athlete   

__ A minister

__ A friend your own age 

__ A sibling

__ A teacher 

__ A psychic hotline 

__ An Internet chat room 

__ A parent

__ A complete stranger 

__ A popular pastor (hint: Francis Chan, Charles Stanley, etc.)   

__ A person with a college degree

__ A police officer    

Suppose you were about to be ushered into the presence of God himself. Circle three words that might describe your feelings.  

Curious  •  Relaxed  •  Upset  •  Embarrassed  •  Joyful  •  Cautious  •  Terrified  •  Happy  •  Concerned  •  Respectful  •  Reckless  •  Unconcerned  •  Self-assured  •  Fearful  •  Awestruck  •  Nervous    


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction. —Proverbs 1:7  

Write in your own words what you think this verse means:      


What do you think your behavior should be like if you take this passage seriously?    


Put an X on the line to show the degree of fearful respect you think you have toward God.  

None at all _______________________________________________ All of my awe