Youth Volunteer

Kasey Ige, Youth Leader / Young Adult

Q:How long have you been at KBC? 

A: Been at KBC for 4 Years 

Q: Reason for serving Youth ministry?

A:Reason for serving Youth ministry is I care strongly about our future generations and I feel that investing into their lives plays an important role in their everlasting relationship with Jesus

Q:How did you become a Christian?

A: I became a Christian through Mr. West in his 6 period math class on February 8, 2013

Q:Favorite Scripture Verse?

A: Galatians 2:20

Q:How do you describe yourself?

A: I describe myself as an outgoing person who loves to make people smile and laugh and who isn’t afraid of being embarrassed lol

Q:Favorite TV Series?

A: Definitely “Friends” or “One Tree Hill”

Q:Favorite Movie? 

A: Remember the Titans

Favorite Song's
Known - Audrey Assad