Youth Volunteer

Anela Haena-Paulo , Youth Leader / Young Adult

Q: How long have you been at KBC?

A: I have been at KBC for 3 years

Q: Reason for Serving Youth Ministry?

A: My reason for serving youth ministry is teach the youth the word of the Lord and to show them that he is there for us every step of the way in our live whether it be good or bad

Q: How did you become a Christian?

A: I didn't make many good choices in the beginning of high school but I met West my sophomore year and he taught me the word and what it was like to follow Christ and I chose to become a Christian and till this day I am happy I did

Q: Favorite scripture verses?

A: "Be Strong & Courageous, Do Not Be Afraid Or Discouraged For The Lord Your God Will Be With You Wherever You Go" Joshua 1:9

Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: Loud, Loving, Caring, & Very Protective

Q: Favorite TV series ?

A:  Friends

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Beauty And The Beast