Church Secretary

Ruth Matsuura, Church Secretary
work: (808) 734-3727

Q. How long have you been attending KBC?
A. I started at the KBC Preschool and have went to Sunday school and church since elementary school so 25+ years 


Q. Reason for serving at KBC?
A.  I love my church family.  They have shown me God’s love in so many ways and I want to use my given abilities to help and serve them in God’s name. 


Q. How did you become a Christian?
A. I grew up in the church for majority of my life and I am sure I prayed to receive Christ but I didn’t fully give up my life and started understanding about living out my faith till I was around 14 when I was diagnosed with Kidney failure and had to go on dialysis.  I was going through this rough time and I knew I couldn’t do it without God.  Also, I am so thankful for the seniors at our church who I didn’t even know some at the time that faithfully prayed, encouraged and just loved on me, and continue to do so.


Q. Favorite food?
A. I can always eat pizza, sushi and ramen. 


Q. Schooling...
A. Graduated from Kalani High School and am currently studying IT at Kapiolani Community College but thinking and looking into Medical Coding.  


Q. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why?
A.  I like Proverbs because it gives us wisdom for how to live God’s way.