J Jeffery SpurlingJ Jeffery Spurling
Senior Pastor
Hi! I’m pastor J (that’s right, just one letter!). I was born and raised in ... view details

Nick WillkeNick Willke
Associate & Young Adult Pastor
Nick and his wife Melissa moved to Oahu in June 2011 to serve the Lord. They both graduated ... view details

Tony Tam SingTony Tam Sing
Worship Director
I praise God for His grace and mercy and for giving us the promise of eternal life through His ... view details

Jared WestenhaverJared Westenhaver
High School Youth Director
Q. How long have you been at KBC? A. 19 years. Q. Reason for serving KBC? A. While I ... view details

Ruth MatsuuraRuth Matsuura
Church Secretary
Q. How long have you been attending KBC? A. I started at the KBC Preschool and have went to ... view details
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